10 Things You Need to Know About Laptops: Comprehensive Guide


We all know that laptops are great. They can do pretty much anything a desktop computer can, they’re small enough to carry anywhere, and they’re energy efficient. But there’s still a lot of confusion about what you should be looking for when buying one. Websitesetuper have done my research to find 10 things you need to know about laptops before making your purchase. So that you won’t have any regrets later on!

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The 10 things you need to know about laptops are:

They can definitely be mobile. Laptops use less power than desktops, and many models even come with built in batteries that last for several hours all without compromising on speed or performance!


If portability is your number one concern when looking for a laptop, then there’s no better choice than an ultrabook. These lightweight machines typically have smaller hard drives. But make up for it by being faster and offering longer battery life because of their superior hardware configuration. You’ll also find them in much thinner designs.

Ultrabooks usually run on Intel processors with enough power to get any job done. But still not too much where battery life takes a hit. For graphics, you’ll typically find integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 to 5000.

Basic tasks

People might tell you they only use their laptops for basic tasks and nothing more. And while this is true in most cases, it doesn’t mean your laptop can’t do anything else. If the software allows it, chances are good that you’ll be able to install programs designed for other operating systems like Windows or Linux if desired making your machine even more versatile!

Graphic cards

If your work requires a lot of RAM and CPU power at the same time (like running multiple virtual machines simultaneously), then consider purchasing an ultrabook with either AMD or NVIDIA dedicated graphic cards installed. With one of these laptops, you won’t be limited by what programs can do on their own; it all comes down to how much raw processing power they require!

Operating system preference

This is another topic that’s hotly debated among laptop enthusiasts: operating system preference. Windows 10 has proven itself as a worthy successor to its predecessors and will likely remain the most popular OS worldwide for years to come. Because of Microsoft’s aggressive marketing tactics and everyone else wanting compatibility with the vast amount of software already designed for it.

Expense of storage space

If you’re one of the few people who prefers to use Apple’s operating system (OS) instead, then I’m sorry to say that your options are very limited when choosing a laptop. Even more so if you want an ultrabook. The good news is they come with enough RAM and CPU power as standard. However, this usually comes at the expense of storage space due to their high price tags. This can sometimes be twice or three times higher than similar models running Windows 10!

Four things to consider

When purchasing your next laptop, there are four main things you need to consider: battery life, weight, screen size/resolution and hard drive space . However, just because something has more than what other laptops provide doesn’t make it better. For example, Windows 10 laptops typically have smaller hard drives than ultrabooks. But sometimes offer the same amount of storage space as Apple’s MacBook Air (which is known for having much less).

Utilize USB ports and Bluetooth adapters

No matter what laptop you choose to buy, be sure that your machine can easily connect to Wi-Fi by either using a built-in wireless adapter or purchasing an external one if necessary! If this isn’t possible then you’ll need to utilize USB ports and Bluetooth adapters whenever you want to access the Internet at home. Because not every model has them included with their hardware configuration.

Laptops are great machines which everyone should own even more so if they’re running Windows 10 . Whether for work or play, rest assured knowing you’re covered for most tasks without having to pay too much money.

Just be sure you know what you need before purchasing your next laptop!

For those who need something even faster (and heavier) than what gamers use, look no further than workstations ! These beasts usually come with the latest and greatest hardware configuration possible and often come with 16GB+ of RAM! They’re typically found in professional fields like architecture, military, engineering or video-editing. However, there are also some gamers who prefer this over what they can get from competitors due to their higher build quality which will likely last for years.


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