Setting a goal is important if you want long-term success, but do you know what’s more important? Setting a realistic goal!

Realistic goals have a significantly bigger possibility of being fulfilled, and they are crucial because it keeps you motivated, channel your efforts, and increase your chances of obtaining your plans. 

It is also fundamental to students as it helps them focus on the mission of achieving excellence in their educational pursuits, and in planning and managing their time well to make the most out of their life. 

But as a student, it’s important to always get ideas and advice from experts. 

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Thus, there are so many benefits that come with setting realistic goals—from short-term motivation to long-term vision to getting personal satisfaction.  

Let’s look at 5 benefits you get from setting realistic goals that can lead to greater performance and success. 

1. Increase in persistence effort.

To stick to the required work of action on achieving a goal we need motivation, and this motivation often comes when we have a difficult task ahead. However, if the task you’re focused on, is far too difficult to achieve, you’ll lose focus and believe you can’t achieve it no matter how hard you try. 

Goal setting according to a study in 2017 by Granot and Stern boosts systolic blood pressure. This makes us feel ready to act. Realistic goals are difficult to achieve which is why it requires persistent effort, and when you’re in this, you see yourself trying over and over again because you’re sure you will accomplish it. 

2. They change your life

Realistic goals help keep you steady and motivated in the pursuit of a greater goal which is a life-changing advantage. Laying out that plan, and breaking it down into smaller realistic goals and achieving them will add up to becoming a successful financial or academic life-changing element for you as a student or as a business owner. 

If your goals are realistic and you stick to the action that will help you achieve the goal, definitely you’ll reach the edge of your goal. 

3. Setting realistic goals help you reach your full potential

There’s no doubt that goals make life more challenging, but give you a sense of personal satisfaction. Realistic goals are achievable goals, and every successful move you make in achieving your goal creates an inner comfort and dignity, giving you a better feeling about yourself. 

The more goals you accomplish, the more fulfilled you feel and appreciate your capabilities.

4.  Reduces your chances of giving up

Although failure is inevitable when you want to succeed, but there’s a difference when you fail as a result of unrealistic goal setting and failing to succeed. 

If you know what you want to accomplish, and you plan and center your goal on that purpose, even if you fail you won’t give up because you see this as an open challenge that requires energy and work. You will always look forward to achieving that goal no matter how many times you fail. 

On the other hand, it’s a different case when you’re working on unrealistic goals. If you fail once, you may lose focus because you don’t know how to get back up. 

5. Helps you focus on what’s important

If you don’t define your goal or consider it to be obtainable, you may never reach such a goal.  When setting your goals, you should first think of what’s most important to you, and what needs to be done. 

That’s the purpose of setting realistic goals. It helps plan what’s important for you and gives you an understandable reason why you need to focus on the crucial things. 

For example, if you are a student working on a research paper project, your goal is to present the best paper research work.  And to achieve this, one of the things you’ll need to focus on is getting the best dissertation writing services to work with and achieve your goal. 


Goals are involved in every aspect of life, work, family, relationship, study, etc. They provide clear vision, direction, focus, and promote a sense of self-mastery. 

If you’re working towards a process of achieving a set goal and along the line, you feel discouraged and more likely to give up; this might be a sign that you have set an unrealistic goal or you aren’t working in the right direction. 

So, don’t set unachievable goals or goals that are bigger than your plan, rather work on laying out magnanimous yet attainable goals. 


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