5 Marketing Tactics to Increase Customer Engagement


We all know that social media has played a major role in how we communicate with each other. It’s now easier than ever to interact with people on the internet. Marketers are using this to their advantage by leveraging 5 marketing tactics for customer engagement.

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Social Sharing

Marketers are using social media sharing buttons on their websites, and pushing it through other channels like email newsletters. The idea is that by including shareable content in emails you increase the chances of people forwarding your message around within their own networks. This will expand your reach exponentially!

A study showed that 92% of people who receive an email newsletter with a clickable link for sharing were more likely to recommend the brand than those without this feature. It’s also important to include these tools where appropriate. So you don’t scare away new subscribers or tick them off during signup when they notice no way to interact with others about what they just read yet another policy page saying they can’t.

Marketing Emails

Email newsletters are still king in terms of marketing clout, but they can’t do it all on their own anymore. If you want to make the most of your email list then you need to explore new avenues for customer engagement through 5 marketing tactics. Using an app like Bloom is a great way to increase actionability. Give subscribers incentive to keep coming back day after day. You’ll get better open rates when you send out interactive emails that allow people to share with others what’s important to them instead of just yet another boring newsletter about who won last night’s game or how many items were sold over the weekend .  

Reward Subscribers

The best way marketers can increase customer engagement today is by rewarding subscribers who take action on their messages through 5 marketing tactics. The idea behind rewarding subscriber programs like Bloom’s is simple: give them something worth sharing in return for taking a specific action like tweeting about a product. You’ll get better results when trying to reach new customers. Because these individuals are already interested in what you have going on instead of just another email from a stranger.

Interact With Your Customers

Listening is one of the 5 marketing tactics you need in order to increase customer engagement with your brand. You have to be there now where conversations are taking place online. So it’s easier than ever before those 5 Marketing Tactics For Customer Engagement . Being active on social channels as well as other places where people talk about what matters most will allow you to get closer to them by understanding their needs better. It leads directly into increasing revenue through 5 marketing tactics!  

Push notifications

Email blasts, SMS messages and push notifications are good ways to reach out. But they shouldn’t be the only thing you do! Using them in combination with each other is a great way of increasing customer engagement. Customers who receive promotional emails from your business may not engage with it immediately (at least 60% of people read their email on mobile devices). So sending an SMS message after could encourage customers to follow up by clicking through or calling the store directly.

Get in touch with customers

A good way to increase customer engagement is through giving customers the opportunity of getting in touch with you by clicking on a button. It’s not just about having this option available, but also making it clear and accessible so people can use it! For example if someone wants to get in contact with your business they could click on ‘Contact Us’ . It would redirect them to another page where only phone numbers are visible (or virtual assistants)

Facebook ads

Using Facebook ads has become one of the most popular ways companies engage their audiences. Because these ads allow small businesses who cannot afford themselves some advertising space on TV or newspapers. When creating an ad campaign make sure that there is a specific objective behind your actions!

Create a brand advocates page

The last thing you can do is to create a brand advocates page where people who are already engaging with the content on your site or have bought products from you in the past could leave reviews, share their photos and experiences etc. This will not only help attract new customers but also increase customer loyalty which leads directly to increased customer engagement.

Social media ads

Social media ads should be used carefully. Because they can easily annoy users if there isn’t any specific objective behind them other than trying to generate traffic towards an external website (which might even contain malware).

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