No matter the type of company you run, employee appreciation ideas can be a great way to show your staff that you care. Doing this action can help improve employee engagement, decrease the amount of turnover that you see throughout the company, and boost productivity. In addition, this can help with the retention of your employees as well. 

According to a study done by CareerBuilder, 50% of employees would choose to stay at their current job if they felt more appreciation for the work that they do. This is a huge amount and forgetting to have employee appreciation could be costing your business a lot of money. Some of the best employee appreciation ideas that you can use for your staff include:

Take the Staff Member to Lunch


When you want to recognize one or two employees in particular, why not take them out for lunch. You can order in or go out. The important thing is that the employee is getting some time away from the office. Make sure that you are the one to pay and thank them for all of their hard work for your company before the meal is done. 

A good place to start with this one is to ask them what their favorite restaurant is or even their favorite cuisine. The key here is to make it feel like you took them out on their terms, not yours, since it is a celebration of them. Do not choose a place because it is inexpensive or because you get a discount because that will cheapen the appreciation gift to your employee. 

Send a Personalized and Handwritten Note

Taking the time to write out a note that is personalized to the employee can make them feel valuable as well. You can send that note with balloons, flowers, or another item to make a bit of a scene and help the employee feel like you appreciate them. A handwritten note is a personal way to say thank you to an employee because it really does take some time to create. 

While some employers will try to bypass this one a bit and will get automated services or will pick a card up from the store, this just doesn’t have the same effect for showing your appreciation. Sit down, even if just for a few minutes, and write your own personalized note to share with the employee to show that you appreciate all of their work. 

Give a Group Staff Event


You may need to put on an event to show all of your employees that you care about them and the hard work they have been doing. You can choose the type of event that you would like to use, whether it is an afternoon at the water park or a company BBQ. You will have to figure out what will work the best for your employees. 

For example, if the event is more expensive, such as going to the water park, you may want to save them for smaller staffs or for a single department in your building. While you may be able to afford it, trying to get hundreds of employees to that event could be hard. Try to scale the event to fit the resources you have and your staff preferences too. 

Create a Staff Raffle

You can have a few choices here and start it as an event of its own or have it at staff meetings. You could start each of your quarterly meetings with a fun giveaway as your method of thanking everyone for the hard work they put in over the past few months. You can be in control over how to make this happen. 

In most cases, turning it into an interactive event will be better. Consider some of the ways that you can turn this into something everyone will look forward to, helping ensure they feel appreciated along the way. This helps with employee engagement and motivation, and can keep everyone happy at their work.

Consider Some On-Site Perks

Think about some on-site perks that you can add to the workplace, such as a painting workshop or a yoga class. This is going to be beneficial in more ways than one because it shows the staff that you care about their wellbeing while helping them feel more loyalty and dedication to your company and the goals that you set out for them. 

There are a lot of ideas that you can try here. You could go with something like a unique snack bin, smoothie station, omelet bar, yoga classes, or massages. You may want to ask some of your employees about the perks they would like to see when they come to work and then implement some of those ideas into the mix as well. 

Give Them an Extra Personal Day

Your employees have been working hard to help your business thrive, so they deserve to have an extra day to do what they would like. When big goals are met and you would like to show your appreciation for the work, give your employees an extra personal day that they are able to use in the manner that they want. 

You do not get to determine how they use that personal day or when it is going to be used, or it takes away from some of the value. This day will need to be requested off like other paid leave days, but it is still an option for the employee to use and have a break after all that hard work they put in. 

Showing Appreciation to Your Employees

Whether you have a big or a small business, it is important to show the right amount of appreciation for the staff who comes in and helps your business to grow. Doing so will make the employees feel better and can keep them around for much longer. Take a look at some of the options above and see how you can show your appreciation for your staff today. 


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