An EMT may injure his or her back even if it is straight if the?

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An EMT may injure his or her back even if it is straight if the back and neck are not aligned -the spine is not in a neutral position -hip flexors are tight

Long-form Content: What is the first thing an EMT should do to prevent a back injury? Make sure their spine is aligned properly. After taking care of each person’s needs for transport and stabilizing them with straps attached to hoists or other devices, make sure you take some time to stretch out your lower body by sitting on one knee at a time before standing up again.

This will help get the blood flowing through those muscles that had been under work during the stressful event. Stretching your hamstrings and lower back will also help to make sure you are using those muscles more evenly.

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It is important to keep the spine in a neutral position when bending, which means keeping an arch from one’s low back throughout any movement or lifting. This can also be done by sitting on both knees while stretching out the legs with toes pointed towards the floor before standing up again.

After doing this stretch, it would then be appropriate for EMTs to -sit down and put their heels flat on the ground in front of them extend their arms straight overhead and place palms together at eye level as if they were praying; hold that poses for about 30 seconds per side. 


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