An ethnomusicologist is someone who?

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An ethnomusicologist is someone who studies the music and the context of a particular culture. They are usually experts in the field and have spent years studying, learning about, and performing different types of traditional music. The word ethnomusicology comes from the Greek words “ethnic” and “music.”

An ethnologist is someone who studies cultures, so it would seem logical that an ethnomusicologist would study music. Ethnologists like to collect objects as they explore a culture; for example, when studying Native American tribes in North America, one might take pictures of pottery or baskets.

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In contrast, most musical instruments cannot be collected without being severed from their meaning because there are few examples outside of museums. This makes ethnographers more likely to rely on recordings instead.

Ethnomusicologists don’t just listen to music:

They also observe how people react during performances and what the audience says about them afterwards since this can tell them a lot about what people think of the music. Ethnomusicologists don’t want to study Western culture with their own biases, so they try hard not to be influenced by those around them when listening or watching.

They also do research on the history and evolution of different types of traditional music across cultures; this includes studying how it has interacted with other forms like jazz and rock for example.

An ethnomusicologist is someone who studies all aspects of an intangible thing:

The meaning and context behind musical performance in communities from all over the world. This type of person might have a background working as a musician themselves, taking anthropology courses at university, or even having grown up more familiar than most with one particular type.


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