An evening I will not forget lyrics

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Many people often say that they will never forget the night where they were introduced to their significant other. The date might not be perfect, or even something that you would want to remember again in the future, but it is a momentous occasion nonetheless.

Here are some lyrics from an evening I won’t forget:

“I was sitting at home one Friday evening / Watching TV with my family and friends when the phone rang.” These lyrics to an evening I won’t forget are from a song by Boyce Avenue.

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The trio is made up of brothers Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano who first formed the group at ages 12, 14 and 16 respectively. They have released three albums since their formation in 2005: Covers (2007), Acoustic Live!

Volume One (2009) and All You Need Is Love EP (2012). The latter album spawned two singles that reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart for July 25th & August 22nd 2012; “No Place Like Home” with Brett Dennen which was also featured in season four of the TV show Grey’s Anatomy as well as “Let Me In.” 


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