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We all know that the prices of goods are going up in the near future. The inflation rate is expected to go over 2% and this will increase the price of goods for consumers. This article discusses what you can do about it, as well as how much you should expect from an average price increase.


In recent months, the price of oil and other commodities has increased dramatically. This is expected to cause an increase in prices for consumer goods as well because it means there will be less disposable income available for people when they buy things like gas or groceries. The current inflation rate is just under two percent, but this forecasted change could push that number over two percent which would mean a significant rise in prices on common items such as food and gasoline.

However, not all places are going to see these increases equally and some may actually see decreases so you can still take steps to protect yourself from this by diversifying your spending habits if possible. For instance, instead of buying bananas at the grocery store every week (a product that will likely


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