an expert system should be used when well-structured numerical problems are involved.,

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Expert Systems are a type of AI system that make decisions based on the data they’ve been given. They can be used to solve well-structured problems with numbers, but there are some limitations. When should you use this type of system? What is an expert system? How does it work? These are all questions answered in this blog post! -A well-structured problem with numbers is one in which the input data can be converted into a sequence of numerical values. This means that there are specific inputs and outputs, so an expert system will work better than other types of AI systems. -An expert system works by relying on what it has been taught to answer certain questions or solve problems for you. It relies solely on its given knowledge base rather than using reasoning skills like natural language processing does. Unlike neural networks, they don’t require high amounts of computing power because all the algorithms have already been coded: they just need the right input data! This type of decision making process is best suited when dealing with well structured, numeric problems – but not every situation


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