an extended object is in static equilibrium if __________.,

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A static equilibrium is a state of balance in which forces on an object are balanced. This can only happen if the sum of all the forces equals zero. Of course, there are many equations that can be used to find this point. Here’s 10! – Equation One: if the sum of all forces is __, then there will be a state of static equilibrium. – Equation Two: Momentum = mass x velocity If an object’s momentum matches that of another object and they collide at the same time, then this would also mean both objects are in balance because they have equal amounts of kinetic energy. This means it has to be in a state of equilibrium! If their momentums don’t match up, however, one or more may fly off as a result. That’s not good for anyone so make sure you’re aiming your cannonball right next to its target every time! You should know how many equations I’m covering here by now (h


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