an extended period when rainfall is well below average is known as a,

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What you need to know about drought is that it’s not just a problem in the arid southwestern United States. In fact, drought conditions have been worsening across North America and around the world since 200. Drought continues to be an issue as populations grow and weather patterns continue to change. Keyword: drought, dry spell, water shortage New paragraph: Drought has been an issue for centuries and will continue to be a problem in the future. People living in drought-stricken areas need to take precautions now or they’ll face economic devastation as well as shortages of food and clean drinking water. What you can do is help prevent further damage by taking these four important steps today. Number One – Get educated about how droughts work so that you’re ready when it happens near your home. Number two – Find out what resources are available in case there’s not enough rainwater to go around like dams, reservoirs, wells and other sources of fresh water (including groundwater). Number three – Investigate whether crop insurance might cover damages from


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