an ideal ammeter should,

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What is an ideal ammeter? An ideal ammeter should have the following characteristics: -The reading of the current must be proportional to the magnitude of voltage applied to the circuit. -The resistance in ohms, which can vary with changing temperature, must not affect readings when it changes by a small amount. -The ammeter’s reading must be independent of the current flowing through it, and therefore not affected by its own resistance. -It should have a very high input impedance in order to minimize loading effects when used with circuits having relatively low output impedances. We will now discuss each of these characteristics individually: An ideal ammeter should read proportionally to voltage applied; this means that if I were to put 100 volts across an ammeter then I would get 100 amps back out (if all other things remain constant). This is how most standard analog meters on the market today work since they are calibrated manually using a resistor or potentiometer where you can adjust for what voltage you want measured. The only


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