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An Illusion: “What Are You Hiding?” by – Author Name At the end of the day, people are always looking for something to fill their lives. This is what drives them to search for that perfect place or person. We all have a need and desire to be loved, accepted, nurtured, and cared for. If we don’t find these needs met from inside ourselves then we will continue our search externally in hopes of finding someone who can meet this need with us. For most people it starts off innocently enough; they start dating new people or try out a new hobby in order to explore different aspects of themselves and life outside of what was expected from them growing up (or maybe even before). But soon enough, it becomes an obsession. They’re looking for that person who will provide the sense of belonging they don’t know how to find within themselves. This is when people start meeting new partners without any real intention or goal in their mind other than ultimately finding someone who can fill this hole where love should be found. And once they meet that seemingly perfect person and realize what they’ve been missing all along – a feeling of safety, relief, being seen by the one you want most- things are better at first because finally there’s someone ready to listen to them no matter what time or day it may be; somebody willing to do anything for them despite never expecting anything back in return (i). It feels like coming home after a long trip


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