an impervious response is one that ignores the person to whom you are responding.,

crime scene, patrol cars, police @ Pixabay

When you respond to someone who has said the wrong thing, it is important that your response is impervious. An impervious response ignores the person to whom you are responding and does not address their comment at all. This can be difficult if you want to get back at them for saying something offensive or hurtful, but this approach will prove most effective in the long run. We will discuss three ways of dealing with people when they talk about the wrong thing in this blog post! – You can ignore them and walk away. This is a great way of showing the person that their comment was not important to you in any way or form. Another option is to get up close, stare at them straight in the eyes and say nothing before walking off again. The third option is asking for clarification about what they said by telling them politely, “What do you mean?” If necessary, explain why whatever it is they are saying might be wrong but keep your explanation brief. They will either apologize profusely or leave feeling stupid which feels good! A word of caution: Avoid being impervious if someone calls out an injustice happening all around you because then people won’t feel safe coming forward with information on anything


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