an important feature of emergency operation plans is that they ________________________________.,

emergency operation
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What is an emergency operation plan? It’s a document that helps guide your organization in the event of an emergency. This document should be created in advance, and it should include some important features. One of those features is that the plan should __., which could help save lives or reduce damage to property. -Include a list of all the people who are needed in an emergency. This includes employees, volunteers and service providers such as firemen or police officers. -List out contact information for everyone on that list so when disaster strikes they will have their phone numbers handy. You should also include other important details like email addresses, physical address and any special needs each person may have (for example if someone is deaf). -Outline what to do with these lists once the emergency has ended so you can know which ones still need updating and make sure there’s no duplication going forward. Make copies! __. For more tips about how to create your plan, visit us at our website: __., where we


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