An improvement in production technology will:

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We are living in a world of innovation and rapid advancement. This is especially true when it comes to the manufacturing industry. The production technology has improved immensely over the years, which means that each year new innovations are being made, improving our lives even more! One of these improvements is 3D printing. It allows for faster prototyping and an easier way to produce products in small batches or one-offs.

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Henry Ford

The first major improvement was in the late 1800s with mass production assembly lines that were developed by Henry Ford (the founder of Ford Motor Company). These enabled workers to specialize on certain tasks like welding and assembling parts at high speeds. This led to increased productivity and efficiency while reducing costs per unit produced because there was less need for expensive hand labor. The second major innovation in production technology was the use of automation, which allowed machines to produce products with less need for human input (especially during periods of high demand). This led to a reduction in wasted raw materials as well as increased efficiency and productivity. Automation has been used since at least 1867 when Frederick Winslow Taylor introduced new time-motion studies that improved worker performance through incentives like bonuses based on output per day or week.

In 1948 Joseph F. Engelberger developed robotic assembly lines using electric motors and hydraulic actuators to replace humans who were doing repetitive tasks over long hours such as painting automobiles or assembling parts for washing machines and refrigerators. Productivity skyrocketed because robots can work tirelessly without breaks or


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