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Productivity is the buzzword of the day. We all want to be more productive, but what does that really mean? Productivity in its simplest form means getting things done. And while it’s not always easy, there are a few simple steps you can take to start making progress today. First thing’s first: stop wasting time on social media! Social media is addicting and takes away from valuable work time when we should be focusing on projects and tasks that matter most. If you’re having trouble quitting cold turkey, try using an app like Forest or Stay Focused to limit your access to sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during specific periods throughout the day. Next, make a list of everything you want to complete. This is fairly straightforward – but don’t worry; there are apps like Todoist that can help streamline the process by breaking down your tasks into smaller steps and reminding you when it’s time to act on them. For example, if an item on your task list says “write blog post,” then use Google Calendar to set yourself reminders for what day and at what time this should be done! If you have deadlines or rush projects coming up soon, include these in your calendar as well so they’re not forgotten about later down the line. Productivity isn’t just about working hard – it’s also about knowing how we work best. So think


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