an increase in venous return will _______.,

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You may be wondering what venous return has to do with lymphatic flows. Well, if you are not getting enough of this essential fluid then your body will not be able to perform as efficiently. This is why it’s important that we discuss how to increase the amount of blood returning from the extremities back into the heart so that your body can work at an optimal level. Keywords: Lymphatic Flows, Venous Return As you read the content, it became apparent that there is a lot of information to digest and things to take into consideration. The post will be broken down into four sections in order for the reader to better understand what was discussed so far: Section One: Introduction Section Two: What Happens When There’s Not Enough Venous Return? Section Three: How Can You Increase Your Venous Return? Section Four: Conclusion And here are those key points again with an explanation of each point.: -Venous return happens when blood flows from your extremities back towards the heart. It can affect how well your body functions overall if not enough venous return occurs because this fluid sustains life.-There are many factors that go


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