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This article will explore the benefits of an interest in supervising other workers. There are many rewarding aspects to this career, such as making a difference by helping others and being part of something bigger than oneself. What is a Supervisor? A supervisor may be defined as someone who oversees and manages the work of others. They are in charge of hiring, training, supervising, assigning tasks to workers under their supervision, and evaluating performance. This person is also responsible for resolving problems with coworkers or subordinates that arise during the course of employment. Supervisors often perform these roles by making timely decisions about issues they encounter on the job while balancing competing demands for attention from different sources such as staff members or managers above them in rank within an organization (Burgess & Borgia 2003). Supervisory jobs typically include responsibility for overseeing production operations and quality control; personnel management functions like recommending promotions or disciplining employees when needed; productivity improvement initiatives designed


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