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An angle of 108° is the measure of a regular polygon’s interior angle. What type of polygon do you think it would be? -A regular hexagon -A square, or -An equilateral triangle. The answer is a regular hexagon! To see why, check out this video. It explains it really well and quickly: [Video Link] What type of polygon do you think your angle measure would be? Leave us some feedback in the comments below to let us know what you’ve guessed so far! We’re excited for our next blog post once we get enough responses 🙂 If you enjoy reading this content as much as I have writing it, subscribe to my email list by hitting that button at the bottom right corner of your screen now 😉 Our emails are going to help keep me motivated and give valuable insight into how people learn. -Tara, Creator of Regular Polygons is an Angle of 108°. What Type?


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