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When your vacuum pump is blocked, it can cause a system error. This usually happens when there’s an issue with your computer and the vac tries to access the drive. In this blog post, we will show you how to clean out your vacuum pump! Step # One: Shut Down Your Computer Step # Two: Vacuum Out the Pump and Check for Obstruction. Get your vacuum cleaner ready to suck up any dust that may be in there or around the pump area. Make sure it’s not plugged into anything so you can work on getting all of this loose debris out! If a piece is blocking an opening, try poking at it from different angles with something like a toothpick until you feel some give – then pull gently, as if removing gum off of your shoe (lol). You should also check inside the fan intake hole by rotating/pushing back the outer housing unit to see what might need removal. If nothing comes out when vacuuming here, make


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