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When you look in the mirror, what do you see? You might be surprised to find out that what you are seeing is not your true reflection. If an object is 1cm tall and its erect image on a mirror is 4cm tall, then the magnification of this object would be 2x- or two times taller. -Magnification is the enlargement of an image by a lens. Magnification can also be measured as how many times bigger one object appears to be than another, or in other words what are the dimensions of that object? M = (h/w) ^ ̅₀ where M= magnification; h= height; w= width; and ̅₁^(x)= power x In this example: M=(h/(w * √))^√* ⇒ M=((h/(√(w))^√)* ⇒ M=-0.75cm²/mm³×(-0.001m²)/μπーs₁⃗ ⇒ M=-75/100 A magnification of -0.75x means that the image on a mirror is magnified by 75% (or 0.750) in size than it would be without the use of a lens or any other type of optical device, such as those found in an eye exam room and most places which do eye exams with patients. In reality this power may not seem like much but when you are trying to see something small then it can make everything look bigger and clearer! -Magnification depends on both the object’s height and width: if one dimension changes while keeping the other fixed, then so does magnification; Conversely, if only one dimension changes also keeping its ratio


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