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“What is the magnification?” you ask? In this blog post, we will figure out what it is. To do so, we need to know the height of the object and its inverted image. The questioner wants to know if there are any other measurements that can be given in order to find out how much taller the inverted image is than the original object.

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The height of the object is measured in cm and its inverted image is also expressed as a dimension in cm. To find out what the magnification, we need to multiply these two numbers together: height of original object x width of inverted image = __? If you didn’t know that multiplication was just addition with different names (the same goes for subtraction), then this would be difficult! We can use algebraic methods though. The answer will be negative because it’s easier to count up rather than down so let’s start there. Counting our way from 0-60cm on each side gives us 30cm: (-30). Now if we went back one unit on either side, or counted from 0.


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