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“When you make an offer to someone, for example by asking them on a date with you, it is not necessary for the person to verbally agree or refuse in order for the offer to be considered effective. An agreement can be inferred from their conduct.” Annie Hall Annie Hall, a 1977 romantic comedy starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, is one of the most quoted American films.

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IMDb Hanging out can be as simple as two friends meeting up for lunch or coffee in order to catch up with each other about what they’ve been doing since their last meetup. But when you hang out for too long it becomes difficult to see how much time has gone by because there’s no real goal so hanging out starts feeling like work. The Offer of Hanging Out.

When it’s not necessary to ask for what you want It may seem strange that an offer does not need verbal agreement from offeree in order to become effective but this is true based.


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