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Cardiorespiratory fitness is the most comprehensive type of fitness. It includes aerobic and anaerobic exercises in order to develop it. Cardiorespiratory fitness is a measure of how efficiently your heart, lungs, and circulatory system work together to deliver oxygen to your muscles during exercise. This article will provide you with information on what cardiorespiratory fitness is as well as give you some tips for developing it by practicing both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. 

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A higher cardiorespiratory fitness level is associated with lower risk of developing chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.  Cardiovascular training helps improve endurance by increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to your muscles during exercise. It also reduces resting blood pressure, enhances insulin sensitivity, strengthens bones and improves cognitive function. 

Aerobic exercises are a form of cardiovascular training that requires you to move large muscle groups in an effortful manner for 20 minutes or more at moderate intensity. These types of exercises include running, cycling and swimming laps among others. They increase the size (volume) of air sacs within your lungs called alveoli which help maximize how much oxygen can be diffused into them.


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