And, I can put it in a bun.

hamburger, cheeseburger, fast food @ Pixabay

This is a blog post about how to make the perfect burger. I talk about what you need, why it’s important, and show you step-by-step instructions on how to put together the perfect burger. The perfect burger requires a patty, some buns (I recommend brioche or challah), cheese of your choice, and the toppings.

hamburger, burger, barbeque @ Pixabay

The great thing about burgers is that there are so many different ways to put them together! I’ll show you how to make my favorite version: cheddar cheese, bacon jam, roasted red peppers, lettuce tomato and onion. First things first – prep your bun by buttering it up with a little mayo on one side for extra flavor. Place the buttery-side down on parchment paper while you cook your meat in order to avoid sticking later on when assembling the sandwich. Stop here because this sentence ends in “when assembling.” 


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