If my heart should somehow stop.

heart, leaves, foliage @ Pixabay

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees and rustling all that remains on the ground. It’s been so long that it was almost like I never knew what they sounded like at all. But now, as fall is in full swing, those sounds are back to remind me just how much beauty there is in this world – if you’re willing to take a minute and listen for it.

heart, love, romance @ Pixabay

In this blog post, you’ll find how to fall in love with the sound of leaves again by hearing it for what it really is. Take a Walk: Fall has officially arrived and there’s no better time than now to take that long walk through your neighborhood or local park. For me, I like taking walks early in the morning when most people are still sleeping so that I can enjoy all the sounds without having to compete with them.

It may only be a fifteen-minute walk but if you’re not used to walking at all then even five minutes will make a difference! And maybe, just maybe, if my heart should someday stop beating altogether – well who knows? All I know is that these days are worth living.


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