And Rohan will answer

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Every day, people all over the world write to me with their questions. I answer them as best I can and publish my answers on this blog for everyone to read.

You may have a question too! Just ask it below in the comments section and I’ll get back to you soon.” What is your favorite color?

Lately, I’ve been into deep colors that are calming and soothing. My favorite color is light blue.

road, forest, fall @ Pixabay

I prefer photographing people to landscapes because it’s more personal, so you can really get a sense of who they were as an individual. What do you like best about your work? What would you change if given the chance?

Oftentimes in my line of work, we’re shooting for a story or working on behalf of someone else – there’s no time to be creative! That being said, sometimes there will be jobs where I want to try something new.

It gives me perspective on what other photographers might have had trouble with while trying to achieve their vision. “Marcus enjoys travelling!”


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