And that’s how the fight started

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When it comes to relationship fights, there are two types: the ones that start with an argument about something specific and escalate quickly, and the ones where one partner makes a snide comment in passing.

The first type of fight is easy to deal with because you know what sparked it. But for those second type arguments, it’s much harder to figure out why they started and how to end them.

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There are three steps we can take when dealing with these “real-life conversations.”

First off, try not to react as soon as your partner says something meaningful or insulting – this will give you time to think before responding.

Second, take responsibility if you have said anything hurtful earlier on in the conversation (even if unintentionally).

And third, make sure you’re not taking the brunt of criticism for something that your partner is also responsible for.

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The Fight: Real-Life Conversations




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