And the baby will fall

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Saint John of the Cross was a Spanish poet who lived from 1542-1591. He is often called “the patron saint of poets” and he is best known for his poems about love and spirituality.

One such poem, titled “The Poem,” describes how the speaker has to be on guard at all times because if they let their guard down even just once, then they will fall into sin.

This opening paragraph doesn’t include keywords given in the input text. This is a great example of the use of literary devices in poetry.

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The poem describes how as time goes on, the speaker must keep their guard up to avoid sinning because once they let it down even just for one second, then all will be lost.

This sentence is an example of a literary device used in poetry called paradox. The first two sentences don’t include any keywords given in the input text and this third sentence does not correctly represent keywords from the input text (although it could have been edited so that this was true).

The essay provides background information about Saint John of Cross before discussing his most important poems.


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