And the world will turn to ash comic

nature, earth, sustainability @ Pixabay

The world is in shambles. The people are dead, the buildings are crumbling and overgrown with plants, and the sky is dark from pollution.

This desolate scene could be your possible future if you refuse to take action now. This comic book will show you how important it is to start taking care of our planet before it’s too late!

Ultimately, what is the best way to prevent an apocalypse?

Simple: recycle.

recycle, bin, container @ Pixabay

Recycling not only helps save our planet, but it also saves you money and time! Every year, Americans throw away enough cell phones to stretch around the world many times. If we just threw less of them out in general, there would be a lot less waste going into landfills and oceans where they can cause harm for years to come.

As long as people are recycling their old electronics with e-Stewards certified recyclers like EIZO USA Corporation (EZOUSA), more will get recycled than thrown away! A little bit of effort on your part can go a long way towards saving the Earth from destruction.


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