And though she be but little she is fierce

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This is a blog post about the power of little things. We start with an introduction to Little Red Riding Hood and then dive into how small things can be powerful. Next, we talk about what it means to have “little” bravery, and how that can change your life.

Finally, we end with a discussion on the concept of having “a fierce little attitude.” Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most well-known stories in all of literature. It’s a story about how to deal with people who are tricky and mean, or as it might be put nowadays “snakey.”

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We love this because we’re often faced with situations that require us to stand up for ourselves, so learning from Little Red Riding Hood’s bravery can help our lives tremendously.

As she says: “What big eyes you have,” said the Wolf; “you’ll see better than me I suppose?”

The old belief was that wolves would eat sheep if they were able to catch them – but not when their own eyesight got blurry near death. In an effort to distract her captor by getting him.


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