And when the seasons change will you stand by me?

women, friends, meadow @ Pixabay

“We’re best friends, right?” The words were spoken as a question but they sounded more like an accusation. You looked at the person who had just said them and nodded. “I thought so,” he replied with a smirk before turning away from you to rejoin his group of friends.

You stood there for what felt like hours with your heart pounding in your chest until you finally made it back to your seat in the auditorium where everyone was waiting for the next speaker to come on stage.

kid rock, concert, auditorium @ Pixabay

They all turned their eyes towards you as soon as they saw you walk through the door and gave you sympathetic looks when they saw how upset you were. “I’m sorry,” your best friend said as she came to stand next to you.

“He’s such a jerk.” You just shrugged in response and sat down in the nearest seat as far away from him as possible. It was going to be hard avoiding him for the rest of college but you knew that it would all be worth it if he never talked to you again.

You were relieved when he didn’t try speaking with you at any point during classes on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and by Monday morning you thought that maybe things could go back to normal between the two of you even though deep inside part of your heart had died right there in front of everyone else watching last week’s debate team competition unfold too late into itself.


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