And why is the carpet all wet, Todd?

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Todd, the carpet is all wet. Why? asked Todd’s mom. “I was playing tug boat!” replied Todd. “What does a tug boat do?” said Todd’s mom inquisitively.”A tugboat pulls things by using its big long rope,” explained Todd. “I taught my tugboat to pull the wet rug over here. 

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Todd’s mom felt relief as she realized her son had been playing with a toy and not messing around in the kitchen. Todd, you are going to have to clean it up when we get home from dinner,” said Todd’s mom sternly but kindly.

“Next time please don’t play on the floor!” Todd looked at his mother sheepishly as he nodded politely before scampering off into another room of their house.

Possible Ending:

The next day after school, Todd was still feeling very sad about how to mean his mom had been for scolding him last night so much. He walked confidently into the living room where she sat reading her favourite book.


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