And you should feel bad meme

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You should feel bad about your website. You are the one who made it, and you know that there is something missing. It’s not entirely terrible, but it could be better if you just had a little more time to work on it. Today we will discuss how to make your website even worse than before with some of these easy-to-follow tips!

1) Stop caring what people think:

The number one thing that will destroy any chance of success for your business is worrying too much about what people think of you or your product/service. This includes using design templates from the web and not customizing them enough so they match your branding, creating a boring logo, or even having an unmemorable slogan like “we’re better than everyone else.” You want to stand out, not blend in!

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Some of the best advice I have ever received is from my mentor and friend Joe Vitale. He said that “You can always make it worse,” meaning you never know how far a project will go until you try.

So if people think your website looks bad now, they won’t be able to imagine what it would look like if you added some more design elements or tweaked things around just enough so no one even recognizes them any more.

That’s when you know it has reached its maximum potential for awfulness! This is why with anything we do as designers, especially on our websites, we should all say “I’m going BIG!”


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