And you will know us by the trail of dead lyrics

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The Deadheads. The followers of the Grateful Dead. They are a group that has been around since the band’s inception in 1965, and their numbers only continue to grow with time.

The history of these groups is shared through a variety of mediums:

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But what about music? Where does “Riders on the Storm” come into play?

“Riders on the Storm”s lyrics, written by Jim Morrison in 1971, seem to capture a philosophy for not only the Deadheads but also all of those who have passed through their fingers and onto new projects.

These words are often interpreted as instructions for being dead or dying: “the other riders from behind, they come into view/in front of me.” But when you look at them more closely it becomes clear that this is about living amongst death – navigating life’s uncertainties with an acute awareness of mortality just off your shoulder.

The first line sets up what is to follow:

We’re going out riding together with no destination in mind like there was when Walter Whitman wrote his famous poem “Outlines”. 


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