And your bird can sing tab?

small bird, sing, robin @ Pixabay

“Want to learn how to play and your bird can sing?” is a question asked by the Beatles. This blog post will teach you how to play this song.

We’ll start with an analysis of chords and then go through some step-by-step instructions on what fingers to use when playing the chord progression for “And Your Bird Can Sing”. The song is in the key of E minor, and it uses a chord progression that has three chords.

birds, singing, outline @ Pixabay

The first two are Emaj and Cadd11 (Emaj/Cadd11).

The third is an Ami sus/Fmaj(sus) which means to play both the A major with no sharps or flats and F major without any sharped notes.

Basically, these last two chords are just alternative ways to say “E” so we can use them if we want to feel like our fingers have more freedom when playing this part of the song.

We’ll now go through how each chord should be played in order for us to successfully learn this Beatles’ classic!


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