Andrew Jackson set an important political precedent when he selected his cabinet by?

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Andrew Jackson was the first president to appoint a cabinet. This was an important political precedent because it allowed for more inclusivity and diversity, as well as making people accountable for their actions.

It also helped to establish traditions that are still followed today. The cabinet was not really a new concept.

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Cabinets had existed in Britain since the 16th century, and they were already common practice in European monarchies at this time.

The difference with Jackson’s administration was that he allowed for more representation of different groups to have input into his decision-making process – something which would be unthinkable during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

In addition, many members of Jackson’s Cabinet did not come from privileged backgrounds or wealthy families; instead, their positions were secured through meritocracy rather than hereditary rights.

This helped them gain power much faster as it gave them access to valuable information well before others could discover what they needed to know about various issues. 


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