Andrew Peterson, is he worthy?

blueprints, entrepreneur, hands @ Pixabay

Andrew Peterson is a full-time internet entrepreneur and the founder of the popular website, He is also known as “the guy who got rich overnight” due to his success with his first company.

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The rest of this blog post is not written yet. You may want to test the content with a few people who you know are at least somewhat interested in internet marketing before you put it on your site. Why?

What if they think it’s bad or wrong for some reason and won’t buy anything from you now that they’ve read what you wrote about them?

Don’t go there unless someone tells you otherwise, I suppose! You could also just write something generic like “How Much Is Your Name Worth?”

Or talk about how much traffic was driven by Google last month because six trillion searches were performed and over one billion messages were sent through Gmail–whatever floats your boat.



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