Andrew Peterson, is he worthy?

musician, country song, banjo @ Pixabay

Andrew Peterson is he worthy? That’s the question we want to explore. We know that Andrew Peterson has been a hugely successful musician for many years now, but is he really worth your time and money? Let’s find out.

guitar, man, music @ Pixabay

My first impression of Mr Peterson is that he’s a talented musician with an interesting and engaging voice, but his songs often lack complexity or depth. I found myself wondering “what am I missing?” as one song after another unfolded in front of me.

They’re catchy, they make you feel good (at least at first), but it doesn’t take much to see the cracks behind the surface glossing so many modern worship favourites provide for us nowadays.

What really got my attention was this passage from Andrew’s interview? “The most important thing about what we do musically is not how fast it sounds like” which seems contradictory coming from someone whose work includes some of the fastest-paced music out there today.


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