Android SDK location should not contain whitespace

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If you are looking for the android SDK location, then please do not include any whitespace in the path.

For example, if your computer’s C: drive is called “Computer,” and you want to find Android Studio on Computer/Program Files (x86)/Android/android-studio, then it would be “C:/Program Files (x86)/Android/android-studio.”

To find the Android SDK, please go to “C:/Program Files/Android” and scroll down until you see a folder labelled “SDK.”

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The final location of this would be C:/Program Files (x86)/Android/android-studio. In case you are in Ubuntu OS or other Linux variants that have different filesystems than Windows, then just search for ‘SDK’ on your computer’s file browser.

If there is an Android folder under the directory called ‘Android’, then it will most likely contain all versions of the SDK. To get into this directory, click right once over it with your mouse so that its icon turns dark blue-grey and left click to enter it. 


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