Andy Grammer you should know better

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Andy Grammer released his latest album, “You Should Know Better,” in November 2016. The album is a mix of folk-rock and country music that tells the story of love and hope.

Andy’s first single from the album, “Keep Your Head Up” was released on September 9th to much success with over 100 million streams worldwide. This article takes a look at this new release.

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Keep Your Head Up is the first single on this album with over 100 million streams worldwide. The song tells listeners to never give up and focus on what they have instead of all that is lost.

Grammer has been quoted as saying “It’s about being in a moment, not sitting around thinking everything sucks.” The article continues below.

Don’t forget your numbers! (or bullets) 🙂 Andy’s new release “Keep Your Head Up” took off quickly after its release with many people praising it for its message of hope and perseverance through difficult times.

This track was also featured during crucial moments during ABC’s daytime lineup.


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