Andy Stanley who needs god?

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Andy Stanley’s newest book, “Who Needs God?” is meant to be read by those who are wondering what they should believe and how they should live.

The bible points to Jesus as the answer for all our needs, especially eternal life. This book doesn’t just tell a story or offer advice on living; it offers hope in Christ alone.

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The current state of Christianity is unclear. What does the Bible really say about eternal life? Why should we trust in Christ alone for our needs, not just now but into eternity?

Andy Stanley’s “Who Needs God?” offers a thoughtful and compelling answer to all these questions. Andy Stanley takes on this challenge by first asking us what Jesus would do if he were here today.

Would he offer advice or tell stories from his time alive 200 years ago? No! He would want us to know that there are answers available right now–answers that can be found through faith in him.” What do you think happened when Jesus was resurrected after His death and how did it happen? *” Jesus


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