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The Bartlesville News is my favorite newspaper of all time. I could hardly imagine reading anything else, so when I finally found a copy of the Bartlesville News, I knew I had to have it. I was drawn to the stories of local business and people doing good things.

Bartlesville is one of those small towns where people are often so busy doing good things, they don’t really have time to do the things that really matter. I think Bartlesville is one of those small towns where we see a whole bunch of people do really good things, but we don’t hear about them on the news.

Bartlesville is a town I go to regularly because I’ve seen a lot of positive things and I want to share their positive stories. When I don’t see the positive articles I’m reminded of my own negative stories.

One of my favorite places to work is Bartlesville. I’ve been there for nearly ten years and I come back to a town where the people are positive, the businesses are thriving, and the people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Bartlesville is a little different than your typical American town. It’s the kind of town where you’ll see many of the same businesses but that’s where the positive is. It’s where the community is tight knit and everyone seems to put their best foot forward.

Bartlesville gets it right. The locals really do care about their community. You can’t help but be reminded of the work you do by the amount of people you see walking through the town. Bartlesville is a place where the people truly go to work hard and play harder. It’s the kind of town where you can see the difference between the hard work and the fun.

One of the reasons we love our life is that we are not afraid to be a little bit scared or afraid to be weird. For this reason, we do tend to be a little timid to be a little bit afraid. We might actually want to be a little bit more afraid. While we may be afraid to try to hide something, we also have the good fortune of knowing that something might really be hiding underneath something that we can’t see.

In our town, we are constantly afraid to be too loud or too quiet, too bold or too cautious, too friendly or too unfriendly, too old or too young, too fat or too thin, too tall or too short, or too fat or too thin. We’re afraid that if we take our eyes off the road, we’ll end up dead.

We may not be afraid to try to hide the truth about what our bodies are telling us, but we also need to be aware that something is watching us. Most of the time we’re not just avoiding the spotlight, we’re avoiding something. A good way to keep a lid on things is to just live in denial. I have a friend who is pretty intense about how much he enjoys his wine. He knows that he drinks it, but he doesn’t want to admit it to himself.

I think being aware of the things we like and don’t like is a huge part of being an adult, but so is being aware of our fears and our habits. It’s a big part of knowing when to give in and when to fight.


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