Moving to a new apartment, even within the same city, is a troublesome and exhausting task that can “unsettle” the most organized person. It is always scary to forget something, lose something in the process, scratch furniture, or break your favorite cup. If the move is for a person with disabilities, the level of stress increases significantly. The easiest way is to delegate everything to specially trained employees of the Fremont moving and packing companies to find out details.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that people living with disabilities value their independence. So, if you want to help a loved one with a disability relocate, ask where and when they need your help.

Get rid of excess

If your loved one asks you to help them prepare for the move, you can offer to pack and unpack things.

As a rule, some of the items will never come in handy again, so you can get rid of bags of clothes on the mezzanine, dishes from the top shelf, from which no one eats, papers, and unnecessary documents. Do not give or throw away things without permission.

It is better to start the analysis in advance. So, there will be time to slowly sell the unnecessary and take the clothes for recycling.

Decide what things to take with you

If the move is not planned to a fully furnished apartment, take only the necessary items with you: a table with chairs, a bed, and a temporary clothes hanger. As the interior fills up, items can be easily sold and replaced. Put the rest of the bulky furniture up for sale — take a picture of it in advance so that there are not a bunch of boxes in the frame later.

Arrange an inspection of a new residence

It will not be superfluous to prepare in advance for a new place of moving. Make a list of special needs, such as relocating and installing medical equipment, preparing a new environment, and setting up any utilities that a person with a disability might need. Try to evaluate how to make the new place as comfortable as possible for your loved one with a disability. It is worth checking how easy it is to open doors, maneuver in corridors, and reach surfaces of kitchen furniture. Be sure to determine if the new location will require ramps and any necessary modifications.

Find the best Danville movers to help you carry your stuff after you relocate.

Solve all documentary issues, for example, the issue of reissuing insurance, so that your loved one with disabilities can quickly receive qualified medical care in a new place.

Prepare boxes and bubble wrap

Do not save on boxes: they should have a thick bottom and handles. There are special boxes for moving. Keep in mind that ordinary store boxes are not designed for such a weight — crystals and other utensils can push through the cardboard and fall out.

Help during the move

Start packing in advance what you are not currently using: books, out-of-season items, crystal tableware, etc. Sort them into boxes and sign as detailed as possible. It makes sense to use tape in different colors to highlight the boxes from different rooms. When moving, ask the carriers to immediately deliver the goods to the desired areas.

Collect all important documents and valuables

In order not to lose valuable documents during the move, allocate a separate folder for them. Put bills, contracts, birth certificates, medical policies, and other papers in there, make a list of the contents and write it right on the box.

For jewelry and other valuables, get a separate box, which is better to keep with you and not give to carriers.

Check if there are any small things left on the far shelves, take out the trash, and make sure everything is tightly packed.

Set the exact date and time of the move

Tell the contractor about the amount of furniture and boxes. So the moving company will be able to accurately select the necessary car and loaders.

Proper and thoughtful preparation for the move reduces stress and makes the process of relocation to a place of residence pleasant. A smart organization will help you to use all available resources efficiently and not overpay. In addition, planning helps determine how to deal with any issues during the move.


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