Deliver the picture to the customer is a way to make sure the customer is not only satisfied with the services they are receiving, but also that they are happy with the delivery. This is an important point because in today’s fast-paced world, delivery is the one thing you can’t afford to take for granted.

Delivery is a very important service we can all use, but delivering a picture with a good story to the customer is even more important. If you are not delivering your picture to the customer, you might as well have taken out a billboard and hung it in their yard and called it delivery.

The delivery of a picture is one of the very few services that the customer can depend on. You can always count on the customer seeing that you did your job right. If you fail to deliver the picture to the customer, this can mean a lot of problems in the future, from bad reviews from customers to no sales at all.

In our business, we don’t just get a picture but a whole portfolio of pictures from customers. There are very few things worse than being told that your product is not exactly what they wanted but it is good enough to make them part of the customer’s family. You can argue that this is bad sales because people are not always as loyal as a picture. But if you are delivering a picture, you are at least giving them a reason to come back.

On the flip side, you can argue that it is bad sales because the people in the picture are not really the customers. They are the ones you are trying to sell to. That makes the picture bad.

The picture is not a picture. It is a video. It’s a short video. It is not a picture. It is a video. We can sell pictures like that. But we all know that our customers don’t buy pictures. They want their own video. What is the point of a picture if it isn’t the video that they want.

A video is a video. Not a picture with an illustration in it. And the customers for video are not the customers for picture. The customers for picture are the customers for video. They want their pictures. And they want it now.

I could go on and on about how important video is since the point of a video is to get a customer who is not yet aware of the difference between a picture and a video. But you get the picture. And what is the point of it if you don’t know what it is? You might as well not even read our blog if you cannot find the damn picture.

The point of your video is to sell. And that means selling your product. Your customers are paying you to make a video of their product. They’re paying you to make a video of their product in their home. They’re paying you to make a video that shows them the product in a setting they might not be used to seeing it. Think about it. Video is a way that you can show the customer something they are used to seeing, and not just in the context of something else.

When you deliver your product to the customer, you can give them a choice of what they want. If they want to see the product in a particular setting, then you can make the product look right there. If they want to watch it in a particular way, then you can make it look right there. If they want to smell it, then you can make it look right there. If they want a better picture, then you can make it look right there.


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