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I’ve always been a fan of reading headlines that make me laugh.

As long as it’s a headline that’s actually worth reading, I usually find it endears me to read.

The headline for this week’s edition of the “emergency” section of the newspaper was “Police officers on a SWAT team are expected to be on the scene of the next incident.” That’s pretty much it. I was looking forward to seeing when the next “incident” might be, so I was surprised to find out that the next incident was in the news is a shooting in the middle of a public park.

This past week, the FBI’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) released the details of the “Arrest” that they say was the result of a domestic dispute in Virginia. The incident started when a man allegedly fired a gun into his wife’s vehicle after he caught her in the middle of some domestic violence. The woman then reportedly screamed at her husband for shooting her, telling him he had “shot himself in the head.

We don’t know if her husband shot her. We do know she was a party to a domestic dispute, and we also know that her husband was arrested. The cops are now looking for this man but are not sure if he’s the shooter.

The Virginia police are not sure if the other man who was arrested is the shooter or if some other person is responsible for the domestic dispute or if it is a random act of violence.

The cops say that it is in the news because an attack like this one is extremely rare in the general population. For that reason they’re conducting a more detailed investigation. They’ve also identified a suspect in the domestic dispute, and he is a white male, age 26, with a black beard. They are asking that anyone with any information about this incident contact them at (804) 735-7099, or 911.

The suspect is from out of town. He was last seen at 11:15 pm on November 13th. He is still considered a person of interest. If you have any tips, please share them with the police.

In other news, the FBI is investigating a possible attack on a federal facility in Arizona. At this time they have no information to suggest that the incident is related to terrorism, and that they have a security guard on the floor, so they are not ruling this incident out as an act of terrorism, although they’re waiting for more information from the FBI before making a final determination.


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