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Childhood is a constant work for the new parents of a particular child. Just like a parent has to make sure their kids eat, sleep, play, keep healthy and happy, they put in the work of educating their child right away with alphabets and numbers. A lot of colourful books, illustrative and fun charts, number and alphabet blocks and other kinds of toys are placed in front of the child or anywhere around the house where the child likes to wander. This is the parents’ way of getting their kids to learn the basic concepts on their own by looking at the creative information. As soon as the child turns 3 to 4 years old, a contest begins among the parents to find the perfect schools for their child. A school that is active in teaching as well as extracurricular activities and most importantly has a CBSE format of education. The craze and want for CBSE has spread like wildfire in the past few years. As CBSE tries to educate the children with knowledge that is higher than their intellectual ability, parents are always hungry for this kind of educational quest. Every parent today wants greater quality and multi-functional education for their respective wards, hence CBSE proves and continues to be a boon. The NCERT Books Class 1 Hindi follow the CBSE format completely and hence these books are the most used books by many schools. If the onset of education begins right away with NCERT books, the child is guaranteed to have an extremely bright future. As these books follow a syllabus according to the government recruitment examinations’ format, let’s say they prepare the children for jobs at a very young and timid age without even the students knowing or realising. 

As Hindi is the first official language of India and as India’s second name is ‘HINDUSTAN’, it becomes very important to imbibe that indigenous feeling into the children right from their childhood in a linguistic form. Also, Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in the entire world and is also in the list of Top 10 most spoken languages after English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic languages. NCERT also offers books in the Hindi language and its Hindi subject books are equally commendable. It is impressive to watch the National Council of Education and Research Training making an effort to propagate the local language among the countrymen. Today, the spread of the word is going to be the NCERT based Oswaal books. Oswaal books are also considered to be the number one publisher of books in India. These books not only provide fun and interesting content in the form of illustrative concepts but also provide worksheets for the children to test their knowledge according to their potential. Because test papers don’t need to be only made for older students, the younger students can also have the opportunity to test themselves. 

Worksheets act like an ingenious tool for motivating students to engage their brains during their study time, especially if they are interactive and interesting. Oswaal Books leave no stone unturned in making all our books extremely interactive, updated and precise. Oswaal NCERT/CBSE Workbooks are entirely based on the latest NCERT Textbook and follow the National Curriculum Framework (NCP). These workbooks have been provided with special and effective practice worksheets with a wide variety of questions covering all the topics to test the students’ knowledge and understanding. 

Oswaal Books sturdily believe in making learning a simple process. To ensure student-friendly yet highly exam-oriented content, they take due care in developing the books. 

Each worksheet they’ve created strictly follows the NCERT pattern including:  

1. Chapter-wise presentation with ample space for writing answers  

2. The teachers and parents manuals for lesson plans and complete solutions can be bought by the parents of the respective students. 

3. Revision of each chapter for better understanding. Some salient features of these books can be as follows: 

The books in the box set are designed to fit into childrens’ tiny hands. Kids can carry these handy books anywhere they go. The edges of these books aren’t sharp at all, and safe for any kid out there. 

1. These board books are made with thick, high-quality board paper.  

3. It makes the books highly durable and easy to handle for a child.  

4. A child can freely play with these books. 

The eye-catching images in the books make them very attractive to a child. Its bright colours are sure to grab your little one’s attention instantly. The images that are picked are completely children’s favourable based surroundings for easy recognition and quick recall. 

The box set covers a comprehensive range of topics like ABC, domestic and wild animals, numbers, meanings and opposites, people at work and more. It is a complete learning must-have. 

The texts are explored through Comprehension questions designed to engage the students and develop their reading skills of skimming, scanning, surveying, analyzing, inferring and reasoning ideas from the text. The Composition section provides graded and guided support for a variety of writing tasks covering formal and informal styles and producing a wide range of text types. 

Now, the name of the Oswaal Hindi book for class 1 is Rimjhim. It is a quite light-hearted book just as it should be as it is studied by children of a very young age. It has chapters that teach children about the basic and valuable morals of life which can shape them into a better person anytime in their future. 

The chapter names can be given as follows: 

Chapter 1 – Jhoola 

Chapter 2 – Aam Ki Kahani 

Chapter 3 – Aam Ki Tokri 

Chapter 4 – Patte Hi Patte 

Chapter 5 – Pakodi 

Chapter 6 – Chhuk Chhuk Gaadi 

Chapter 7 – Rasoighar 

Chapter 8 – Chuho Miyaun So Rahi Hai 

Chapter 9 – Bandar Aur Gilhari 

Chapter 10 – Pagari 

Chapter 11 – Patang 

Chapter 12 – Gaind Balla 

Chapter 13 – Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag 

Chapter 14 – Ek Budhiya 

Chapter 15 – Mein Bhi 

Chapter 16 – Lalu Aur Pillu 

Chapter 17 – Chakai Ke Chakdum 

Chapter 18 – Chhoti Ka Kamaal 

Chapter 19 – Char Chane 

Chapter 20 – Bhagdar 

Chapter 21 – Haleem Chala Chand Par 

Chapter 22 – Hathi Challam Challam 

Chapter 23 – Saat Punch Ka Chuha. 


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