Looking similar, hand-tied and machine wefts are sometimes mistaken for one another at first glance. But there are huge differences between the two. Now let’s elaborate on the two terms!

What are Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

As the name suggests, hand-tied hair extensions are tied by hand. 

They can be sewn into thinner hair.

You won’t have to worry about the edges of the weft peeping through your natural hair with hand-tied extensions because they are almost undetectable.

What Are Machine Wefts?

A group of hair is assembled and machine-sewn into weft extensions. 

The wefts themselves are a little heavier and thicker. 

Machine wefts are more robust and last longer because of the way they are manufactured, which allows for cutting.

Hand-tied Extension Pros

Finer and Flexible

There are many different styles and brands of hand-tied extensions. Still, they differ in durability and quality. 

The most comfortable hair extensions available in the market are hand-tied ones.

These particular extensions are unique; they can be styled and are incredibly flexible.

The wefts can be incredibly fine as they are hand-sewn, enabling them to fit your head’s natural curve. 

Hand-tied weft extensions were designed to be light, cozy, and discrete.

More Natural Experience 

Contrary to machine weft, hand-tied extensions are thinner and barely perceptible. As a result, they blend in perfectly with your natural hair.

When choosing your extensions, hand-tied extensions are the finest option due to these qualities. 

Hand-tied extensions can be cared for and treated the same as your own hair. They can be cleaned, straightened, or curled to match your hair.

Convenience (No Need for Daily Removal)

Hand-tied extensions can last anywhere between 6 and 12 months with proper care. 

Without worrying about installing your hair daily, you can wake up and style your hair as usual.

Hand-tied extensions can be saved for reuse even after nine months. 

However, how well you take care of your hair will determine this. 

Their best feature is that hand-tied extensions can be installed without heat or adhesive. 

It is simple to install and won’t harm your hair. From installation to upkeep, this hair was created with your convenience in mind. 

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Genius Wefts: a Revolution

Today, more and more stylists and salon owners recommend genius wefts. The advantages of both hand-tied and machine-made wefts are combined in genius wefts. 

They have almost all of the good qualities of a hand-tied hair weft, such as being thin and light.

Genius Wefts Are Long-Lasting and Reusable

Machine wefts are distinguished because they outperform hand-tied wefts in durability and strength. They can be used repeatedly.

Wefts From Genius Have No Return Hair

Genius wefts are completely smooth along the weft, with no return hair (or hair beard) showing, in contrast to hand-tied hair extensions. 

Return hair might scratch the scalp or tangle with the wearer’s natural hair, creating irritation. The differences between machine wefts and hand-tied wefts

We Can Cut Genius Wefts into Smaller Sizes

Genius wefts are adaptable, unlike hand-tied extensions. They can be cut into smaller pieces without fraying anywhere along the weft so that they fit the head size of the person who wears them.

Innovative Wefts Reduce Hair Loss

Unlike hand-tied wefts, genius wefts do not shed hair as quickly. Additionally, as related to one of the earlier advantages of durability, genius wefts offer all the advantages of machine wefts.

Cost Effective

Genius wefts are less expensive, even with all the advantages listed. Actually, they are recognized as machine wefts. They are, indeed, machine wefts. As a result, they are not prohibitively expensive. You’ll adore them for who they are and what they can do for you and your clients.

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Final Words

I’m sure you’re eager to try hand-tied extensions now that you know about their advantages. 

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