How Often Should I Mail My Real Estate Postcards?

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Real estate postcards are a great way to solicit business in the real estate industry. They allow you to communicate with your local real estate market and keep people current on house listings in their area.

You might say that postcards allow you to stand out in your community. They enable you to elevate your position as a sales and marketing professional. People like to receive this type of communication, as they can find out more about what properties are selling and compare the values with their home’s value.

Stay in the Loop

By sending out real estate postcards, you create a type of buzz – one that keeps locals talking about the area real estate market. That is why you need to send out postcards regularly. Doing so allows you to notify your audience about sales, listings, open houses and houses under contract. Add a professional photo of yourself and don’t forget the contact details. Postcards allow you to stay in the loop and help build your brand.

Use Postcard Mailing Services Like Wise Pelican

To underscore your influence, you need to mail your postcards in a timely manner and follow a schedule that will keep you in the public eye. To commit to the process, partner with a postcard creation and mailing company such as Wise Pelican.

The Frequency of the Mailings

You also have to determine the frequency of the mailings. Making this commitment will help you farm real estate so you can successfully increase lead generation. Before sending out the cards, review the delivery area. It should feature a turnover rate of at least 6%. 

Don’t select an area that another agent farms extensively. Once you’ve determined a farming area to send your mailers, mail the cards at least monthly. During the first eight weeks of the activity, mail your postcards more often. However, don’t overdo it. Once a week is sufficient.

Send Out the Postcards at Least Once a Month

Once you get into the swing of mailing, keep your mailings consistent. For example, don’t send out postcards bi-weekly and then send them out every other month. Schedule postal deliveries weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to stay consistent. If you schedule the mailings less frequently, you won’t gain the exposure you need.

When you send out postcards, you need to regularly do so, as this approach will keep your brand and messaging in the public’s mind. However, don’t expect to get immediate responses. You need to give it some time. You won’t be receiving calls right away, but they will filter in eventually.

If you already have a lot of brand endorsements in your community, the response rate may be higher. Otherwise, postcard marketing does take time. When you do start getting calls or emails, they might come in at a fairly fast rate.

If you have not yet mailed out postcards, what is keeping you from doing so? Are you carefully treading the financial stream and worried about the cost? If so, the amount you pay is well worth the investment. What you pay for your mailings pales, by comparison, to what you stand to make.

Increase Your Influence and Build Your Brand

Postcard marketing offers you a chance to make a name for yourself in the real estate field. Sending out the mailings regularly will help you establish a rapport with the locals in your community. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your influence and build your brand locally and online.


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